Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - New York Yankees

The Yankees had far fewer patch variations than their cross town rivals, the Mets, who we previously reviewed.

The Yankees only have 2 different City / Logo patches, which are most easily distinguished by looking under the brim of the hat. The earlier version of the logo has blue under the brim of the hat while the later version is white.

In addition, when comparing the patch on the right to the one on the left, the bat is slightly different, the seams on the ball are thinner, and the black band around the hat with stars in the earlier patch changes to blue.

And finally, just as we saw with the Mets, the black dashes outlining the patch are solid from around 8:00 to 9:00 on the logo on the right, but not of the left. I have never come across a patch that contains the logo on the right with a dashed line all the way around the logo. All the patches with the later logo seem to have this solid line around part of the logo.

For the Cap / Team Name patch, there is just a subtle color variation. The patch on the left has a darker shade of blue than the one on the right.


primosean said...

Also notice, that the patch on the right has the yellow background color entering the inside of the circle. This is done intentionally so that when you peeled (not recommended) the patch from its card back, you would get a ring of yellow surrounding the logo. The Yankees patch is the only one that does this with the background color.

Fleerfan said...

Wow - I thought I was paying close attention in describing the variations. I hadn't noticed the fact that the Yankees logo is the only one where the border comes forms a ring around the logo if peeled. Good eye!

primosean said...

I should also mention that the Mets patches also do this,but only in later years when the backgound changed from an "orangey" red background to a straight orange backgound. To sum it up the later Mets patches has the orange ring the logo match the background color.