Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wacky Packages Old School - Series 1

Word has just come out that Topps has a new type of Wacky Packages series getting ready for release later this summer called Wacky Packages Old School.

Here is the promo poster that was distributed this weekend at the Big Apple Con in NY City:

The set is based around package designs from the 1970's - hence the "old school" reference. But unlike the recent 2 Flashback series that were simply reprints of old stickers with different border designs, these feature new artwork of products from the 1970's in the packaging that would have been used in the 1970's.

Here is a look at the promo card that was also given out this weekend where we see the 1970's version of the RC Cola can, including the old "pop top":

The other great thing about the set is that it features the return of the cardboard puzzle/checklists that were used in the original 16 series,

but have not been used in the more recent All New Series (1 through 6 to this point), or the Flashback sets.

This is basically a Wacky take on the Topps Heritage concept and going back and creating something that is new using an old design (in this case creating new parodies of packages that were around at the time the original Wacky craze first hit in the 70's).

This looks like it will be a real treat for those of us who were around for the first run of Wackys. I'm looking forward to opening packs and having the feeling that I'm looking at the 17th Series (the original series stopped at 16) given the set will be featuring products from that time period.

The set was designed and painted by Dave Gross who has contributed many titles to the recent run of All New Series. According to Dave, he has been acquiring original packaging as well as old ads to replicate the packaging designs as accurately as possible.

Some final details are being worked out (which is why the flier says "more Wacky goodies to be announced"), so there may be a few more surprises in store besides what is listed on the promo poster.

The other nice thing to see is that there are already plans for a Series 2 given the mention of a "Series 2 Mini Promo Sticker". According to Dave, the release date is looking like late July, or possibly early August.

UPDATE 8/9/2009: The set will only be available through the Topps Online Store (and will NOT be sold in retail stores), and should be available for preordering around August 15, with a release set for early September.

UPDATE 3/5/2010: After many delays, Wacky Packages Old School is now available! Here is a review of the set:

Here is the link to the Toppsonline store to order:

It looks like a lot of thought and effort have gone into this new set to make it seem like like an extension of the original series, even down to the box:

For comparison, here is a box from the original 10th Series

as well as a look at the packs:

Yes, later this year, its going to seem like the "good 'ol days"!


Robert Rowan said...

Fantastic! I got into the craze back in the mid-70's, and just recently returned to the hobby. There is precious little information on the continuing series, so this very welcome news.

I was able to grab the promo card and flier from the artist himself off of eBay... The summer just keeps getting better!

Robert Rowan

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know which product the Putz animal vitamins is after?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is from PALS Vitamins.

Anonymous said...

Is the old school series going to be in the stores or is it only going to be available online?

Fleerfan said...

The Old School Series was only available online through Topps. The release has completely sold out and Topps no longer has any available. However, if you are looking for a set, you can find them on ebay.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a second old school series coming out any time soon?