Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1972 Fleer Baseball Quiz Card Variations

In response to my review of the 1972 Fleer Baseball Quiz Cards where I had indicated there were a number of different sets of questions, Fleer Sticker Project contributor Troy sent me pictures of the 29 different cards that he has been able to find. In addition to the 29 that Troy found, I had 1 variation that Troy did not have which brings the total to at least 30 different quiz cards.

The quiz cards that have the Orioles in the bottom left corner appear to have the most variations, with 13 different sets of questions (click on the picture for a larger view):

As you can see with these cards, in some cases the first question is the same on 2 different cards, but if you check the 2nd question, you will see that they don't match up, so you need to look at more than just the first question when looking for variations.

There are at least 8 different cards with the Red Sox logo in the bottom left corner:

In some cases cards can be found with the exact same set of questions, but with different sets of team logos. This card from the group of 8 cards pictured above starting with the RedSox logo has the exact same set of questions as one of the cards starting with the Orioles logo:

Finally, there are at least 9 different cards that have the Royals in the bottom left:

For whatever reason, Fleer did not include logos of the Braves, Angels, Brewers, Mets, Phillies, or Rangers on any of these quiz cards (yet the Reds and Cubs appear on 2 of the 3 versions of logos).

Fleer initially printed some of the quiz cards without the team logos and without a yellow background for the questions:

As you can see, the questions on the all white quiz cards match up to the version with the yellow background and team insignias. The all white version is much less common.

Thanks to Troy for sharing his collection and helping give an idea of approximately how many different 1972 Fleer quiz card variations exist. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few others that neither Troy nor I have found yet, so there may well be more than 30 (not counting the all white card variations).

If you happen to have a variation not pictured, please let me know, and I'll be glad to add it to this post.

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O's fan in Buffalo said...

Have you looked into the scarcity and values of the variations? Can you contact me at I have these and am wondering if any are scarcer than others, or if you need any of these?

O's llc 1.Cobb 2.Reds 3.Once 4.Mathewson 5.1903
O's llc 1.Reach 2.Yankee Stadium 3.Two 4.Ruth,Gehrig 5.First Base
O's llc 1.Reach 2.1906 3.Two 4.Ruth,Gehrig
O's llc 1.Yankees 2.Gehrig 5. 9 2. 1947
O's llc 1.Sebring 2.Cardinals 3.Ruth 4. 100th 5.Cobb
O's llc 1.Boston,Pittsburgh 2. Wagner 3.Wilson 4.25
KC llc 1.Mathewson, Spahn 2.Face 3.St.Louis
KC llc 1.Haddix 2.Berra 3.One 4.Cummings
KC llc 1.Ruth 2.Gehrig 3.Mantle 4.Berra
KC llc 1.Ruth 2.Gehrig 3.1927 4.Yankee Stadium
Bos llc 1.Mack 2.41 3.1933 4.Cummings