Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Rare Orioles Uniform Pictures with Help From The Baltimore Sun Archives

Following up last month's posts on the Orioles all orange and vest uniforms, I've come across a few more pictures to add to the collection:

Here we have an odd picture of Brooks Robinson, Paul Blair, and a young girl's head on Andy Etchebarren's body. The picture comes from this blog where the young girl in the photo shares some of her other pictures taken with various Orioles players. Apparently this was a cardboard cutout for fans to have their picture taken as an Oriole at one of the annual Bethlehem Steel Family Nights that used to be held at Memorial Stadium. Its interesting that the cutout that was used for taking pictures was a uniform that the team rarely wore.

Turning to the all orange uniforms, we can add Earl Weaver to the list of Orioles that were photographed in the rarely seen uniform:

Here is the back of the photo, which shows it was taken from the same game as the Brooks Robinson photo that I previously found:

Here is another shot of Earl from the same game after finishing the argument pictured above:

Also from that game, we have Frank Robinson hitting home run # 501 and being congratulated by Brooks Robinson:

Here is an article on what the player's thought about the uniforms from the night they debuted:

Its interesting to note that apparently Boog Powell skipped infield practice and Frank Robinson also stayed out of sight after putting on the uniforms. By far the best quote is from Chico Salmon: "I like 'em...It brings out the blackness in me".

The last line of the article mentions that Brooks Robinson's Sporting Goods store filled the order for the uniforms. Here is a picture of Brooks looking at warehouse space for his company:

And finally, the all orange uniforms are making an appearance on TV this week. The MLB Network is airing a show called MLB Network Countdown - Top 40 Memorable Uniforms, and the Orioles all orange uniforms made the list. The hour long show is a fun look back at some of the classic and memorable uniforms from the past. It is airing a few more times this week, so I highly recommend the show if you get the MLB Network.

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