Friday, November 11, 2011

Was Terry Crowley Safe or Out on his 1973 Topps Card?

One of my favorite cards in the 1973 Topps Baseball set is the Terry Crowley card where he is coming in to home where Thurman Munson is waiting for the ball to make the tag:

Last year Chris from the great blog 1973 Topps Photography did an in depth analysis to pinpoint the day this photo was taken, which he determined was June 29, 1972 based on the fact that was the only date that Crowley played against the Yankees in NY where he was able to reach base.

I've come across a photo which appears to be another shot of this same play:

and checking the back, it confirms that the picture was taken on June 29, 1972! Great detective work Chris!

According to the information on the back of the photo, Terry Crowley was out at home on Brooks Robinson's hit to the 3rd baseman Celerino Sanchez who made the throw home in time to get Crowley.

And now you know the rest of the story.


Chris Stufflestreet said...

That's a great photo. And thanks for plugging my blog.

Billy Suter said...

Crowley broke his leg on this play.

Billy Suter said...

Crowley broke his leg on this play.

Billy Suter said...

Also Kevin Brotzman posted about this card here:

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Terry Crowley did not break his leg on this plate, as he played in the game the following day.