Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reggie Jackson in the All Green A's Uniform

I came across this shot of Reggie Jackson in the rarely used green jersey & green pants combination worn by the Oakland A's:

The photo credit indicates the picture was taken on June 6, 1973 (

While SI did not use the Reggie Jackson photo, two pictures from that day were included in a Sports Illustrated article in the June 18, 1973 issue:

Here is an uncropped shot of the Gene Tennace photo which better shows the green pants

and here is a shot of Ray Fosse that was not previously published:

According to Dressed to the Nines, 1973 was the only year they wore this combination:

Along with the Orioles all orange uniforms

and the Indians all red combination

the 1970's provided some very memorable monochrome combinations that we rarely ever see today.  Love them or hate them, they definitely stand out.


Anonymous said...

Dressed to the Nines has an error. The June 6, 1973 game was a home game at Oakland.

Fleerfan said...

Good catch. I hadn't noticed that Dressed to the Nines had the all green uniform listed as a road uniform.

Anonymous said...

Vida Blue wore the Gold shirt and pants uniform in the 1975 All Star game.

Anonymous said...

The game played on 6/6/73 was a night game. Catfish Hunter started, not Holtzman, and Tenace played 1B, not catcher.

A more likely date is 6/9/73. Holtzman pitched, Tenace was the catcher and left mid-game, and it was a Saturday afternoon game.