Friday, May 1, 2015

Laughlin Cartoons From Sports Collectors News - The Collectors

I recently received a large amount of material from Dave (from the fantastic blog The Topps Archives and author of The Modern Hobby Guide to Topps Chewing Gum: 1938 - 1956) related to RG (Bob) Laughlin.

David has been going through old issues of Sports Collectors News from the mid 1970s, and has found a number of interesting items, including reviews of some of Laughlin's various card sets, ads for his cards and his newsletter "Inside Pitch", and a cartoon series that he did called "The Collectors."

I'd like to start off sharing some of the cartoons that David sent:

Back in the days when kids still flipped cards

This really brings back memories - How I used to enjoy going to the grocery store and checking out all the Hostess boxes for cards that I didn't have

A nice twist on the story of mom throwing out the baseball cards

I will be sharing more of the items that Dave sent over the next few posts.  I'd like to say Thanks! to Dave for passing along all these great scans.


JeffB said...

Very cool. I love Laughlin's art ever since I was a kid and bought the World Series set of cards with his artwork. I also collected the Famous Feats as well. I can't wait to see more.

Marty said...

Really looking forward to seeing the ads and SCD articles. Bob eventually published a small booklet that contained many of these "Cardtoons" - thanks to you and to Dave for making these items available!