Friday, September 5, 2008

Fleer NFL Football Cloth Patch Stickers - Buffalo Bills

With the Buffalo Bills, we get to see the first example of a significant helmet design change. The 1972 / 1973 design with the single bar face mask has the standing red buffalo

while the 1974 - 1976 cloth patches have the running blue buffalo due to the design change that the Bills made after the 1973 season. The 1974 version with the double bar face mask is on the middle left, and the 1975 version with the TMs is on the middle right. The 1976 cloth patch and Hi-Gloss sticker are on the bottom row.

There are 3 logo cloth patch variations as the same logo patch was issued for 1972 through 1974 as seen below on the left:

with the 1975 version with the TMs on the right.

The 1976 Fleer cloth patch (on the top) and the 1976 Hi-Gloss sticker (on the bottom) both have a green border around the Bills logo:

Thanks once again to Craig for sharing his scan of the 1976 cloth patch.

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M Biondich said...

Hi Do U know how to find some of these 1975 and 1976 fleer stickers. I have a collection of all denver broncos but 3. I need to 1975 and one 1976