Saturday, November 7, 2009

1981 Fleer NFL Football Stickers - Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos

Time for the next 2 teams on the ongoing review of the 1981 Fleer Team Action NFL Football Stickers:

Dallas Cowboys:

The Cowboys can be found with a darker shade of blue as seen on the star on the helmet as well as the team name on the left vs the lighter shade of blue on the right.

This same color variation is found on the logo stickers as well. Also note different shades of grey for both the helmet and logo stickers.

Denver Broncos:

There are 3 helmet variations for the Broncos. The first variation on the left is a light blue helmet with a red "D". The variation in the middle has a similarly colored helmet, but with an orange "D" (which unfortunately didn't show up very well on my scanner - take a look at the logo stickers below the helmets to get a better idea of the color difference). The variation on the right is a very dark (almost purple) helmet which also has an orange "D".

The logo stickers show the red/orange difference that is also found on the helmets. As was the case with the Browns variations I reviewed last time, my scanner is not doing as good a job showing the true difference in shades of color between orange and red as what you will see when you are looking at both stickers in person.

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