Monday, November 16, 2009

1981 Fleer NFL Football Stickers - Houston Oilers and Kansas City Chiefs

We've got 2 original AFL teams for today's installment of the ongoing review of the 1981 Fleer Team Action NFL Football Stickers:

Houston Oilers:

The Oilers helmet can be found with either a white or a red facemask. In addition, the helmet with the white facemask has a lighter shade of blue (closer to a powder blue) for the oil derrick logo than the helmet with the red facemask:

The ligher shade of blue is also seen on the logo sticker on the left vs the slightly darker shade of blue on the right.

Kansas City Chiefs:

The variations for the Chiefs can be found in the different shades of red that were used. Once again I'll apologize for the fact that my scanner doesn't really show the difference as well as is should, but both the helmet and logo stickers on the left have a lighter shade of red than the stickers on the right.

The differences in the shades of red are more easily noticeable than what the scan is showing.

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