Monday, December 7, 2009

1981 Fleer NFL Football Stickers - St. Louis Cardinals and San Diego Chargers

We're in the home stretch of the review of the 1981 Fleer Team Action NFL Football Stickers variations as we've just got a few teams left to analyze.

St. Louis Cardinals:

There are 2 variations on the Cardinals helmet stickers. The sticker on the left has a white facemask along with a Cardinal with a light yellow beak while the sticker on the right has a gray facemask and a Cardinal with a darker yellow or slightly orange beak.

The same color difference in the beak can be found on the logo stickers as well.

San Diego Chargers:

The variations in the Chargers stickers are due to lighter and darker shades of blue as seen on the helmet stickers

as well as the logo stickers.

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