Thursday, December 3, 2009

1981 Fleer NFL Football Stickers - Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers

Its an all Pennsylvania entry today as we look at the next 2 teams in the review of the 1981 Fleer Team Action NFL Football Stickers variations. Not only do these 2 teams share the same state, they actually combined to form a single team for 1 year during the 1943 season due to a lack of players caused by WWII called the "Steagles".

Philadelphia Eagles:

The Eagles helmet sticker can be found with a lighter shade of green and gray as seen on the left vs darker shades of these two colors as seen on the right:

There is also a slight color difference on the logo stickers, but the main differences can be found on one of the Eagle's wings and how the name lines up relative to the hash mark on the football field background. Lets take a closer look at the circled areas:

The white outline around the Eagle's wing is different between the two stickers, and the hashmark on the field is aligned in different places under the second "E" in the team name.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Unfortunately the scan doesn't pick up the difference on the helmet stickers, but the sticker on the left has a yellow helmet stripe while the helmet on the right has a white stripe. The scanner unfortunately makes them both appear to be white.

For the logo stickers, the main difference is that the sticker on the left has more of a mustard colored yellow in the logo while the sticker on the right has a lighter shade of yellow.

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