Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wacky Packages 2010 - All New Series (ANS) 7

After the recent Wacky Old School release earlier this year and two previous Flashback sets released in 2008, Topps is set to release an "All New Series" (ANS) later this year. The last ANS was Series 6 released back in 2007, but rather than call this upcoming release ANS 7, it looks like Topps is simply calling it "Wacky Packages 2010":

The tentative release date is August 23, 2010. Early information indicates that there will be 8 stickers per pack, which will consist of 7 Wacky Base Stickers and one Wacky Code Sticker. There will be 24 packs per box, and they will be available through retail (as opposed to the Old School set that was only available directly from Toppsonlinestore).

According to the product description on the sites that are taking pre-orders:

"Wacky Packages 2010 features 75 hilarious new pieces of art parodying famous consumer products. Now, for the first time ever, each 8-sticker pack contains a unique code that unlocks web-exclusive content on the Wacky Pack World website."

Here are the other sticker images that have been released so far:

Its good to see that there will soon be some new Wackys showing up later this year!


Anonymous said...

At least someone is trying to promote and chronicle the next 2010 series

At worst only one is struggling to compile news on the next original 2010 series

-I post anonymously because I exist and question "identification" prompts.
Wacky collector of 40+ years diecards were my brothers novelty, stickers were mine and remain

-A T T S

Anonymous said...

I found packs today at Target and picked a couple up. One pack had a blank card with a small square in the middle. It looks like the square maybe peels off to reveal something, but I'm not sure. Does anybody have any idea what this card might be? I can't find any info anywhere...

Fleerfan said...

I believe what you found is a security device. I got one in a pack as well. I guess if you tried to walk out of the store with the box of packs without paying it might set off the security alarm. I think when they scan the pack, it deactivates the security sensor.

EmMa said...

omg those are soooo funny! i LOVE wacky packages!