Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - Boston Red Sox

Next up on our review of the Cloth Patches is the Red Sox. The Red Sox City/Logo patches can be found with 3 variations: the first has a blue border, and the other 2 have a yellow border. The variation between the 2 patches with the yellow border is the color of the circle around the logo and the stitching on the baseball.

The patch on the bottom left has a black circle around the logo and the stitching on the baseball is completely red while the patch on the bottom right has a blue circle around the logo and has blue and red stitching on the ball.

The patch with the blue border is the earliest of the 3 patches, followed by the yellow border with the black circle, and finally the yellow border with the blue circle.

There are 2 variations of the cap / team name patches:

The patch on the left has a brighter shade of red as opposed to the patch on the right with a darker shade of red.

I'd like to thank fellow Fleer collector Mike for letting me know about this color variation. As I have been working on putting together my collection of Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches, Mike has been very helpful in bringing a number of the variations that I'll be covering to my attention.

I'd also like to acknowledge Barry who likewise has been very helpful in letting me know about a number of variations that I was not previously aware of, and who has helped me in acquiring a number of the patches that you will be seeing posted over the next few weeks as we roll through Cloth Patch month!

Thanks to both of you guys!

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