Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - Cleveland Indians

Next up on our team by team review of the Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches is the Cleveland Indians. There are 3 variations of the Indians City / Logo patch. The earliest patch was issued with the Indian's feather on the right, and later the image was reversed to have the feather on the left:

The final City / Logo patch had the Indian batting against a baseball background.

There are 4 separate versions of the Cap/ Team Name patches. The earliest version is on the top left, and has a slightly different shaped "C" with a darker blue color. The next patch was the one on the top right where the "C" is a lighter shade of blue, and looks just like the "C" on the Reds cap we saw yesterday.

The next version reversed the colors where the "C" is red and the background is blue as seen on the bottom left. The final version (bottom right) changed the lettering for "Indians", and matches the lettering found on the final City / Logo with the Indian batting.


--David said...

WAHOO! I've been waiting for these to show up! :-)

Fleerfan said...

Glad you like them! The Indians are a bit of a challenge given the number of variations.

Mark Fricke said...
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