Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - Houston Astros

The Astros have 3 different City / Logo Patches. The earliest patch has the name Astros in blue with a black outline around the letters, and with the orbiting baseballs making black circles around the Astrodome as seen on the sticker on the top. In addition, the border around the logo is red vs. the logo which is orange:

Later patches do not have a border which is a different color from the logo. In addition, the name is outlined in white as well as the orbiting baseballs are making white circles around the Astrodome. As we saw with the Orioles patches that also contain a lot of orange, there are color variations with a lighter color orange on the left and a darker shade of orange on the right.

There are 3 Cap / Team Name variations, with the earliest version having a black background for the Cap sticker, and a blue star with blue lines over the Team Name:

The subsequent patches had a blue background for the Cap patch, and orange lines over the team name. As with the Logo patches, you can see there are lighter and darker shades of orange for these 2 variations.


primosean said...

It looks like the first city/logo patch for the Astros something was wrong with the cutting dye. If you were to separate that patch (which you have thankfully not done), you would have had a lot of background color on the bottom of both patches. Not good.

Looking forward to seeing the my NY Mets in the not too distant future. Keep up the good work!

Fleerfan said...

Very good eye! You are correct that the die cut was not done correctly on the very top sticker.

I picked up a few stickers miscut like this in a lot that I picked up.

Assuming I can stay on track, the Mets are probably about a week or so away. Get ready for a number of Mets variations!