Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have 2 different City / Logo Patches which can be distinguished by the fact that one has a a lighter shade of blue with the team name in a horizontal position while the other has a darker shade of blue and with the team name rising at an angle:

The patch on the left is the earlier of the 2 patches.

There are at least 2 Cap / Team Name color variations:

I say "at least" because there may be another variation with a lighter shade of blue that is a closer match to the light blue in the City/Logo sticker up above on the left, although I've never come across one.

The few auctions & collections I've seen where the Cap/Team Name patch has been in a lot with other 1st issue patches including the lighter blue City/Logo Dodgers patch have been a darker blue, very similar to the Cap/Team Name patch on the left.

Perhaps Fleer used different shades of blue for the Logo vs the Cap patches the year they printed the light blue Logo patch, so there may well be no light blue Dodgers Cap/Team Name patch, but I'm not ready to give up the search yet!

If anyone has a Dodgers Cap / Team Name patch with a lighter shade of blue than what I've posted, I'd be interested to hear from you so I can set the record straight.

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Unknown said...

Can you tell me what the year is on both of these for the LA Dodgers and how much they are worth?? You can email me at
I have several different patches of different teams if you could send me information on the year and the worth on them, I will send you a list of what I have

Thank you!!