Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - California Angels

The Angels had a large number of variations as they check in with 8 total variations.

The Angels City/Logo patches can be found with 4 variations: The first 2 have the Angels old logo with the interlocking CA with wings against a baseball diamond. The earliest version of the patch has the green diamond which was followed by the white diamond variation:

The Angels then changed their logo to include the state of California, first with a lower case "a" for Angels, followed by the upper case "A".

There are also 4 variations of the Cap / Team Name patches. The earliest patch has the interlocking CA, which was followed by the lower case "a" with a halo:

The Angels later changed their caps to reflect the "Big A" scoreboard:

The patch on the bottom left has the "Big A" along with a lower case "angels", while the patch on the bottom right incorporated the "Big A" into the team name as well.

I always thought the "Big A" was a great design element of Anaheim Stadium, and was something that made the stadium unique:

Its a shame that they fully enclosed the stadium back in 1980 when the LA Rams moved in and relegated the "Big A" to the parking lot:

The stadium has once again returned to a more open layout with the outfield grandstands being taken down after the Rams moved out and things like geysers being placed beyond the outfield fence, but apparently the costs to move the "Big A" were too much to justify bringing it back to its rightful spot.


Anonymous said...

I love the history on all the patches for the Angels...Is there any place that sells something similiar to a shadow box with all of the angels patches?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the "Big A" and halo have been moved back in more advantageous position.

Love the logos - thanks!