Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thanks for the Link Exchanges

I've been meaning to say thanks to those bloggers who have recently added this site to their lists of favorite links, and wanted to let them know I've returned the favor.

First up is the first baseball card blog I ever read, and its one of the best - The Baseball Card Blog. Not a bad title for when someone types in the words Baseball+Card+Blog into a Google search which is how I originally came across the site!


Ben started this blog back in January 2006, and is currently undertaking a project called "The 792" which is using the set size that Topps used for much of the 1980's and creating the ultimate 1980's set by selecting the best card at each checklist number from that decade. David from Cardboard Junkie is providing the gallery of pictures on his site. Ben is also currently counting down the top sets from 1990-1994. This site was my first exposure to the world of baseball card blogging, and was what helped me get started writing my own blog.

Next up are two sites from On Base Autos. The first site chronicles On Base's autograph collection:


The other site is a fun place to check each day to see if you can guess the player pictured on that day's card. The first person to answer that day's question of "Whose Card Is It?" is entered into a monthly drawing to win some of the cards used in that month's contests.


My links for team specific sites has added the Rangers and the Indians this time around.

Spiff has started a site covering the Rangers. I knew the site had to be good when I saw he posted a 1985 Fleer Rangers sticker and said he preferred the Fleer stickers over Topps gum!


David runs Indians Baseball Cards. Always. David is currently reviewing the Indians uniform numbers by covering all the players who wore a certain number, and then deciding who the all-time Triber is for each number. He's getting ready to cover # 7, so he's still got a lot of work ahead of him!


If you aren't familiar with any of these blogs, I recommend you check them out.


Spiff said...

Thanks for the mention and the link. I enjoy your site as well.

--David said...

Thanks for the nod! I love coming on here to see what cool stickers I need for my collection of oddball items!! Keep up the great work!