Monday, March 24, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - Minnesota Twins

For the Twins, the City/Logo patches can be found with 3 variations which center around the colors used in the logo. The earliest Twins City / Logo patch has the players wearing blue caps and red sleeves and belts, along with a baseball with red seams as seen on the top left. The next version changed the caps, belts, sleeves and baseball seams to black as seen on the top right:

Color later returned to the logo for the final variation as the sleeves were once again red, and the baseball seams returned to red. However, the caps and belts stayed black, and the baseball and the players sleeves no longer had a black outline.

The variation for the Cap / Team Name patch is more subtle:

The patch on the left has a brighter red "C" than the patch on the right. The version with the brighter red "C" is the earlier version.

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