Monday, April 22, 2013

New Chicago Cubs Fleer Cloth Patch Variation Found!

I wanted to say Thanks! to Ray from Cardboardgold4u, who let me know that he found a Cubs Fleer Cloth Patch variation that I had not previously been aware of:

At first glance, there doesn't appear to be anything different about this patch.  To see the difference, you need to look at the "UBS" inside of the large "C".   The letters are further to the left and the S is completely inside the "C", whereas most patches with the darker blue background have the letters more to the right of the "C".

The picture below of the original 2 variations I've covered previously shows the difference in the position of the letters:

This newly discovered patch shows that for at least one year Fleer changed the color from light blue to dark blue and kept the Cubs logo the same before transitioning to the logo with the letters inside the "C" moved slightly to the right.

Thanks again to Ray for this new discovery!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Custom Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches from The Phillies Room

Jim from The Phillies Room has really outdone himself this time with a great set of custom Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches, like this design for the Orioles:

Jim created the patch designs to use for his posts where he looks at each upcoming series between the Phillies and their next opponent, such as their current series against the Braves:


Even though Fleer is gone, its great to see a "new" series utilizing this classic design. It almost feels like an "update set" to the original 1969 - 1976 sets that featured each team's city and logo so that we now get to see patches with updated logos, as well as patches of teams that weren't around at the time:

Jim previously did a similar project in 2011/2012 using the Fleer cap sticker design from the 1980's which was also a fantastic tribute:
 Jim - Thanks for keeping the memory of the great Fleer patches and stickers from the 1970s & 1980's alive with your amazing creations!