Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One Thing You WON'T See at Fenway Park for Game 6

With news that World Series Game 6 tickets are going for record amounts, it made me think of a picture I recently found showing fans sitting on top of a billboard behind Fenway Park during the 1967 World Series between the Red Sox and Cardinals:

These fans didn't have to worry about shelling out over $1,800 per ticket to see the RedSox, which is apparently what tickets are now selling for.  They just climbed up on to the billboard and watched for free!

Here is a closer look at those up on the billboard.  It seems someone brought a banner to hang up on the sign as well:

I would think it would be a bit dangerous hanging out on top of a billboard with a large group of people, especially for those on the top of the sign with a leg draped over the edge.

Times have certainly changed in the 46 years since the 1967 World Series, and Fenway Park has undergone a number of changes during that time as well.  However, there is still a billboard behind centerfield, but it now advertises Majestic instead of Old Grand-Dad as seen in the top right hand corner of the picture below:

Today, you would get arrested for climbing up on the billboard to watch the game.  Besides, even if you could find a way to get up there, your view would now be partially blocked by the Bank of America scoreboard:

Looking at the picture from 1967 with the bright blue sky, it makes me wish that they would play at least one game each Series during the day just so we could enjoy one game under the sun instead of under the lights.