Saturday, January 22, 2011

NFL Logo Bandz

For Christmas this year, the kids got NFL logo versions of the popular kids fad Silly Bandz:

The elastic bracelets are not actually produced by the Silly Bandz company, but by Forever Collectibles. There are separate packages of AFC and NFC teams:

The NFC teams are pretty easy to make out for the most part - the Redskins on the top row are the only one that isn't easily recognizable since its just the name:

The AFC teams are more interesting, as they went back to the AFL days for a few of the teams:

The Tennessee Titans are represented by the Houston Oilers derrick, and the Kansas City Chiefs are represented by the old Dallas Texans logo. In addition, they used Pat Patriot instead of the "flying Elvis", Buffalo uses the original standing Buffalo instead of the current helmet design, and Devner uses the old school "D" instead of the current Bronco on the helmet. I have no idea how the green football player is supposed to represent the Raiders, but he is the only band left after accounting for the other teams and the couple of bands that show equipment.

I'm not sure how the kids that these are aimed towards will get the AFL references. I can just imagine a kid in Kansas City getting a package of these and being excited to get the Chiefs logo only to discover its not in there.

They also got creative with the Browns using a bone for the "Dawg Pound", which I thought was a nice touch.

If you are interested in looking for these, we found them at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Topps - I've Found Your Secret Photo Stash!

In researching the last few posts on the Orioles All Orange and Vest uniforms on Getty Images, imagine my surprise when I found this picture of Eddie Murray from the 1983 ALCS:

This is the same picture that was used in the 2010 Topps Short Printed Legends variations subset:

Then I found this picture of Brooks Robinson from the 1971 World Series which looked familiar

since it is the same photo that was cropped for his SP card:

Continuing the search, I found Jim Palmer's picture was also taken from the 1971 World Series according to the photo information on the Getty Images site:

And finally, I found Frank Robinson's photo as well (although it was an undated shot, it appears it might have been from an ALCS game against the A's).

All four Orioles Legends SP card photos can be found in the Getty Images collection. Its nice to see Topps using other sources besides their own archives for new photos. This year's collection of pictures is much better than last year's Legend SP cards, which seemed to rely on familar shots

that have been used before:

so its nice to see some great new action photos in this year's set.

MESSAGE TO TOPPS: Since I know where you have been finding your photos, PLEASE find some way to use this photo in an upcoming set:

It really would be great to have a card of Brooks in the rare 1968-1969 vest!

Just for fun, I decided to see if I could find a few other photos that showed up on this year's Legend SP cards, and here is what I found:

Reggie Jackson:

Johnny Bench (from the 1972 World Series):

Tom Seaver:

Bob Gibson:

Steve Carlton:

Thurman Munson:

Carlton Fisk:

Robin Yount:

Ozzie Smith (where we see Topps airbrushed out Jose Oquendo):

Andre Dawson:

Dale Murphy:

Bruce Sutter:

Rickey Henderson:

Tony Gwynn:

Brooklyn Dodgers:

New York Giants:

Great work with this year's SP photos. Based on the many great photos on Getty Images, I'm hoping you decide to use more of these in the future!

This just in! After I finished the post, I see that JayBee has posted the 2011 Topps Series 2 Sell Sheet, and look what I found:

Since I see that you are using photos from Getty Images again in 2011, I'm begging you Topps - PLEASE USE THIS PICTURE!!!!