Saturday, January 27, 2024

1980 Carnation NFL Stickers

I wanted to share a set that I was not aware of until recently.  In 1980, collectors could get NFL helmet stickers when buying a box of Carnation Hot Cocoa Mix:

Most of the stickers are blank backed, but a few do have a coupon for a free box of hot cocoa mix.  The coupon has a 1980 copyright.

Friday, January 19, 2024

1977 Sunbeam NFL Stickers

One set that I was not aware of when I did my original review of Sunbeam's NFL items from the 1970's was the set of helmet stickers from 1977:


The stickers do not mention Sunbeam on the back, but  are produced by A. Harris Assoc Inc in Cherry Hill, NJ

which is the same company that produced the 1976 Sunbeam issues, so these small helmet stickers are commonly referred to as 1977 Sunbeam stickers given the copyright on the back.

Here are the backs of the 1976 Sunbeam issues:

1976 Sunbeam NFL Stand-Up Football

1976 Sunbeam NFL Football Pennant Stickers

I really miss the days when you could have some collecting fun when picking up a loaf of bread!