Sunday, December 7, 2008

1976 Sunbeam Bread NFL Football Team Pennant Stickers

In addition to the NFL Stand-Up Football cards, Sunbeam Bread offered a second football set inside their bread products in 1976: a set of NFL team pennant stickers.

We can confirm that these stickers are from 1976 as the stickers had information on the back of the sticker showing the team's record up through the 1975 season as seen on the back of the Steelers sticker:

The expansion teams (Buccaneers & Seahawks) sticker backs indicate that 1976 is their first year in the NFL.

Just like the Stand-Up cards, the backs can be found with the Sunbeam logo as seen above, and also without:

Thanks to Steve from for sending me the above picture of the back variation.

As the backs mention, there apparently was a sticker saver book for these pennant stickers, just as there had been for the 1975 Cloth Patches and the Stand-Up cards. As the Stand-Up Saver Book does not have any place for these stickers, I assume there is a separate Saver Book for the Pennant Stickers, although I've never been able to locate a picture of one.

The Beckett Football Card Price Guide indicates that the Pennant Stickers were issued along with the Stand-Up cards, which would make sense given they both appear to have been produced in 1976 given the information on the card and sticker backs.

If anyone remembers getting these back in 1976, I'd like to hear from you as it does seem odd that Sunbeam would issue two different premiums together at the same time in the same package. Does anyone remember getting the Stand-Up Card and Pennant Sticker together, or perhaps did certain Sunbeam products (or areas of the country) get the Stand-Up Cards while others got the Pennant Stickers?

These seem somewhat difficult to locate, as I have only been able to track down pictures of 22 of the 28 teams in the set. Here are the teams that I have so far been able to find:

Finally, if you were the winning bidder on this ebay auction a while back, I'd REALLY like to hear from you as it looks like you might have a few doubles to trade!


Kris T. said...

I have the Redskins version... would you like a picture for your blog?

NJGerryG said...

I have four additional '76 Sunbeam Pennant stamps w/o the Sunbeam logo on back. They are LA Rams, Minnesota Vikings, SD Chargers & SF 49ers (plus the Wash Redskins as mentioned in post above). Will be glad to send scans if needed. Lmk, Gerry

Fleerfan said...

NJGerryG - if you wouldn't mind sending the scans, I'd really appreciate it!