Friday, December 19, 2008

Attention Cowboys Fans! Its The Dallas Cowboys Complete Football Card Guide

I just received a copy of The Dallas Cowboys Complete Football Card Guide from Fleer Sticker Project contributor Steve Liskey.

Steve runs the website which is a great resource for Cowboys fans with tons of information on the Cowboys and a look back at a number of vintage Cowboys items. This lastest edition is Steve's 4th edition of the Guide.

Here's a look at the cover:

The guide provides a comprehensive checklist of every Cowboys card that has appeared in every set from 1960 up through the current 2008 season. There are color pictures showing a sample card from each set:
In addition to regular football cards, the Guide is an excellent resource for oddball items like the many Fleer issues this website is so fond of:

Steve has been a great help to me in better understanding the mid 1970's Sunbeam releases, and sure enough, they're covered here as well:

The book also has sections on Media Guides, Pocket Schedules, Game Programs, Starting Lineup Figures, and Pennants. There are a number of sets that I was not previously aware of covered in the book as Steve covers over 7,000 sets in the Guide.

If you like the Cowboys, I highly recommend this book as Steve has done a great job putting together the ultimate Cowboys collector checklist. All other team collectors should be so lucky to have such a comprehensive collecting resource for their favorite team!


fgoodwin said...

fleerfan, I hope you don't mind but I posted an excerpt of your review of this great resource on my own blog:

Dallas Cowboy Books Blog


Anonymous said...

Agreed, I have this book and its a MUST have for any serious Cowboy collector!!!