Sunday, December 21, 2008

Favorite Coke Ad - Vintage 1960's NFL Program Style!

This is my favorite Coca-Cola ad of all time:

The ad is from the November 20, 1966 Cleveland Browns program where they faced off against the Redskins:

I like they way the ad ties in the NFL logo bottle caps into a map showing where all the NFL teams were located at the time.

The interesting thing about the ad is that it ties into the Coke NFL football bottle cap promotion at the time, although the ad makes no mention of the promotion. Coke did a series of promotions from 1964 - 1966 during each football season with football players and team logos on the underside of bottle caps which are marked with a football (just like those seen in the ad):

Here is an example of the player caps:

and here is an example of the team logo caps:

The Coke ad ran in number of different NFL team programs in 1966, and may well have run in programs from all 15 teams that season (I just don't have a program from each team from 1966 to confirm that theory).

In addition to the Coca-Cola ad, there are a number of other great ads in the program. Two of the most interesting involve the Browns infamous "CB" helmet that was part of the NFL's marketing of the team during the time but apparently never used in a game (legend has it the players peeled the decals off the helmets before a 1965 preseason game and the logo was never used again).

There is an ad in the program for a youth "official" uniform which features the "CB" logo on the helmet:

and another ad for kids to join the Browns Mascot Club which also features a picture of a boy in the Browns uniform with the "CB" helmet as well as a poster with the Browns players wearing the "CB" helmet:

Its interesting to see that although the helmet design was created before the start of the 1965 season (and then never used), it was still being promoted as the "official" uniform a year later.

As for other Browns ads in the program, here's an ad for Schmidt's Beer showing the Browns getting ready to take the head off Eagle Tim Brown:

and an ad for the local TV station:

as well as the Browns' radio affiliate:

Besides ads related to the Browns, there are some interesting NFL related ads as well. How about eating breakfast in the LA Coliseum drinking some delicious TANG:

Speaking of breakfast, here is the January 1966 Pro Bowl training table (again with the TANG!):

And finally, here is one of Johnny Unitas' less flattering endorsements:

Vintage programs like this one are a great way to get a sense of how teams and the league were being promoted at the time.

P.S. In case you are interested, the Browns beat the Redskins 14 - 3

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Anonymous said...

Something I just noticed with the Coke caps. The Detroit Lions appear to have two differing designs. The one depicted in the ad is the same logo that Fleer would use in their cloth stickers or the Sears with their NFL bedspreads. On the other hand, the picture with the actual caps had a drawing of a lion's head complete with mane. Anyways,Merry Christmas and Congratulations on your 1st year of blogging. :)