Sunday, April 29, 2018

Getting Help With My 1967 Fleer Baseball Emblem Cards

Contributor to the blog John was kind enough to send me one of the hard to find 1967 Baseball Emblem cards that I need for my set:

You may recall that John provided scans of the cards from his collection which I shared in a post reviewing the 1967 Fleer Baseball Emblem Cards and Cloth Patches.  At the time he still needed 2 teams - the Senators and the Giants.

Fortunately John has been able to track down the 1967 Senators card since then,

which leaves only the Giants.

If anyone has a copy of the 1967 Fleer Baseball Emblems Giants card and would be interested in trading with John, please let me know and I will be glad to put you in touch.

John was also kind enough to send a few scans of the 1967 Fleer Baseball Emblems Cloth Patches from his collection:

I'd like to say thanks to John for sharing pictures of his collection and for his generosity in sending me the Braves card.