Friday, May 14, 2010

1985 Topps Football Box Bottom Panels

As we reviewed in the previous post, Donruss started the trend of putting bonus cards on the bottom of its baseball card boxes in 1985. Even though it wouldn't be until 1986 when Topps followed Donruss' lead in putting cards on the bottom of its baseball card boxes, Topps must have figured Donruss was on to something as they decided to put bonus cards on the bottom of their football card boxes in 1985:

Unlike Donruss who just had one set of cards on the bottom of all of its boxes, Topps decided to take it one step further and create 4 different boxes with a total of 16 different cards:

Here are the other box panels:

The box bottom cards are easily distinguishable from the regular release as the box bottom cards have a red border while the regular issue has a black border:

The cards are "numbered" from A to P as shown on the back of this panel:

The top of the box features Dan Marino. If you decide to cut out the box bottom cards, you can always cut out the Dan Marino card on the box top as well if you want a blank back version of Dan's 1985 card!

So please, do not bid on an auction like this one, as this 1985 Topps blank back card is not rare at all.

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