Thursday, March 10, 2011

1963 Cleveland Indians Scorecard - Chief Wahoo and his Amazing Bat Arrow!

In looking for programs that utilize team logos in the design, I came across this great cover of a 1963 Cleveland Indians Scorecard:

I like how Chief Wahoo is using one of his special baseball bat arrows to take aim at the opposing teams. I'm not sure who he's trying to hit though, since the bat is aimed right at the Orioles, but he seems to be eyeing the Red Sox or the Yankees.

Although not a design featuring other teams' logos, I also liked the cover of this Indians Pictorial magazine from 1965 with the various uniforms represented.

With over 250 photos, I would imagine this would be a great item for an Indians fan who is interested in the team's history over its first century.

The item is currently listed on ebay here.

The Indians later issued another program featuring logos from the other teams in the American League in 1974:

While certainly more colorful than the 1963 program, it isn't nearly as interesting as the earlier version as Chief Wahoo is no longer hunting the other teams (or shilling wide-track Pontiacs).


Chris Stufflestreet said...
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Chris Stufflestreet said...

I like the choice of uniforms on that 1965 program:

1901 - First year in the league.
1920 - Won the Series against Brooklyn.
1948 - Won the Series (still the last time for them).
1965 - Current uniform.

I also notice the black armband on the 1920 uniform. That was the year Ray Chapman was killed by a Carl Mays pitch.