Saturday, March 9, 2013

1975 St. Louis Cardinals Batting Helmet Logo

Thanks to some recent ebay auctions, I've come across a number of pictures which contain shots of a very interesting uniform curiosity - the 1975 St. Louis Cardinals batting helmet swinging bird decal that was worn on the sides of the helmet.  This picture from the Cardinals Hall of Fame shows an example of the helmet with the decal:

 Here is a closer look at the decal:
Paul Lukas from UniWatch originally posted this shot of Lou Brock wearing the helmet decal at the 1975 All Star Game

We now have a few more shots of the helmet to add to the collection.  Here is another shot of Lou Brock

This newswire photo is dated April 9, 1975, so it appears that the Cardinals introduced the batting helmet decal at the beginning of the season:

This newswire photo is dated April 23, 1975 and gives a better look at the helmet:


 This photo of Lou Brock stealing 2nd shows that the logo was worn on both sides of the helmet:

And finally, we can confirm that Lou Brock was not the only Cardinal wearing the decals, as we have pictures of Bake McBride

and Ken Reitz with the decals on their helmets as well:

Its not clear how long the Cardinals used these decals in 1975 as photos from later in the 1975 season do not show the decals.  For example, in this photo from August, 1975, Mike Tyson's batting helmet does not have the decals:

 The only other place I've seen this logo is as a 1976 Fleer Iron On:

The logo is also shown on the back of the wrapper:

If anyone has seen any other appearances of this logo (perhaps in a Cardinals program or yearbook from 1975 or 1976), I'd be interested in hearing about it, since it appears this logo made just a very brief appearance before the Cardinals decided to retire it.


Hackenbush said...

Interesting. It is a cool logo. As a Cubs fan I have a natural hatred for the Birds but I do like their uniforms.

unclemoe said...


JeffB said...

It's not too often you see a logo on the side of a baseball helmet. And then for it to be such a rare style makes it even better. I wasn't even aware of it or it's unusual placement.

Funny how baseball has their logos on the front like a cap, while football evolved that "normal" is on the sides and how hockey has it's own unique look as well.

Chris H. said...

I still have the official Cardinals 1976 program (bought it at my first game ever at Busch), and so many of the photos of players inside are from the 1975 season and the batting helmet logo is on display in multiple shots.

Players wearing the logo helmet:

Brock (which we knew, obviously)
Ted Simmons (one photo of him batting lefty shows it on the right side of the helmet; another shot of him batting right-handed shows no logo on the left side.)
Reggie Smith
Bake McBride
Hector Cruz
Keith Hernandez (all pics have Keith sans facial hair, btw)
Ron Fairly
Luis Melendez

Interestingly, there's a pic of middle infielder Mike Tyson that looks like it was snapped in the same game as the Simmons no-sticker photo and Tyson also has no sticker present. Makes me wonder if it was an in-season addition to the helmets.