Sunday, January 10, 2016

1966 Coke NFL Eagles Promotion Poster

Saw this poster yesterday at an antiques shop. Its a poster for the promotion Coke did with the NFL back in 1966.

One of the prizes from the promotion was a team poster with Dave Boss artwork, which is shown on this poster.   In return for collecting a full set of bottle caps, you could earn a couple of different prizes.  Here is a look at the Coke Saver Sheet for the Chicago Bears:

Here is a closer look at the prizes:

And here are the details on claiming your prize:

Interesting that you could hand draw substitutes for the caps you couldn't find with the help of a sheet from your local Coca-Cola Bottler, and also interesting that you could redeem the prize at Sears.  

Just as they did with Major League Baseball, there were a few other promotions that Coke did with the NFL for other sets of prizes that I will cover in future posts.


Fuji said...

I'm giving up soda for 2016... but would be willing to start drinking it again if they started up this promotion.

Jim from Downingtown said...

The Eagles' quarterbacks in 1965 and 1966 were Norm Snead (#16) and King Hill (#10). The face in the picture doesn't really look like either one of them.

Although, if you can make out a 6 (and not a 0) on his jersey front, that would tell. (I thought it was a 6, but that's the shadow of the ball blocking part of the number.)