Monday, July 25, 2016

More Rarely Seen 1968 - 1969 Baltimore Orioles Vests

I've recently come across some more pictures of the Orioles in their rarely seen vests which they wore occasionally during the 1968 and 1969 seasons.

The first set of pictures are from May 21, 1969 when the Orioles played the Twins at Memorial Stadium:

We can see from the scoreboard that the Orioles won 4-3 as Davey Johnson, Boog Powell, Pete Richert, and Andy Etchebarren are walking off the field.

Here is a shot of Davey Johnson running to first as Harmon Killebrew is waiting for the throw:

 And here is Paul Blair trying to lay down a bunt:

The second set of pictures was taken a few days later when the Orioles played the A's on May 24, 1969, in which both teams were wearing vests:

We have a nice shot of the back of Brooks Robinson's jersey as Dick Green is about to be tagged out at 3rd.

We get to see Earl Weaver wearing the vest while discussing a call with the ump:

While I've posted this picture of Mike Cuellar before, it is from the same game which the Orioles went on to win 2 to 1 as seen on the scoreboard as he is wrapping up his complete game (which only took 1 hour and 49 minutes!):

All of these pictures were taken by the great photographer Neil Leifer and can be found on Getty Images.

Finally, here are 2 other pictures for which I don't have a date, but which show Davey Johnson:

If you are interested in seeing other pictures of the Orioles wearing the vests, please see my previous post.

How I would love to see the Orioles bring back this look for one of their alternate jerseys next season.


Commishbob said...

This is the best the O's ever looked. Like you I would love to see these brought back once.

I have a print of that Cuellar picture. I regret not getting it signed when I had the chance. I love that shot of him.

Mark70Z said...

Love the look of the O's vests. I "really" like the Cuellar picture; just so cool. Thanks for sharing.

JeffB said...

I love those as much as any jersey in MLB history. I always wished Mitchell and Ness would have made that style. I even considered asking an alterations shop to convert a sleeved retro Orioles jersey into this vest style. Baseball perfection!