Sunday, May 24, 2020

Mike Boddicker Has A Great Sense of Humor!

Last Fall, I called out Topps on their mistake for using a picture of Mike Boddicker on Jim Palmer's Greatest Seasons card in the Update Series.

As a followup to that post, I wanted to share a picture that Bill sent me of the card where Mike displayed a great sense of humor by signing the card using Jim Palmer's nickname "Cakes":

Its great to see Mike taking this mistake in stride and having fun autographing a card where he is identified as Jim Palmer with a playful nod to the mistake.

As for the origin of the nickname, it is a result of Palmer's routine of eating pancakes on the day he was scheduled to pitch:


The fantastic "When Topps Had (Base)Balls!" site created an awesome Nicknames of the 70's card for Jim "Cakes" Palmer:

I'd like to thank Bill for sending along the picture of the card showing Mike having some fun with Topps' mistake.


Fuji said...

Now that's a pretty cool autographed card to own.

PeteLevin said...

I remember seeing something about Brooks Robinson signing a Frank Robinson picture or vice versa.