Sunday, December 27, 2020

False Advertising - 1979 Topps Football Sell Sheet

I saw this 1979 Topps Football sell sheet on ebay, and was quite surprised to see the Steelers logo on Terry Bradshaw's helmet. This flyer certainly gives the impression that the 1979 set would include team logos on the helmets based on the picture:

Alas, what we actually got was the same old airbrushed helmets that we had to endure for the entire decade as this is what we ended up with:

I'm guessing that Topps didn't bother to airbrush the sell sheet as that isn't a trading card, and they probably figured the NFL would not bother going after them over a sell sheet.

Here is a look at the other sports sell sheets from 1979:

Oh to have bought a few cases of each of these and just put them away for about 40 years!

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John Bateman said...

For the NFL they mention Team Picture cards - There were not any. They were team leader cards. As to the Best action scenes ever, there where none in the 1979 Topps football set. All individual players were close head shots, the only action appeared on the playoff/Super Bowl Cards Its weird the baseball player look generic with logo on hat removed. It appears to be a Red Sox player but no one in the 1979 set was wearing a dark cap. Fred Lynn 1980 Topps card shows him wearing a dark cap.