Friday, March 7, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - Chicago Cubs

Fleer kept things pretty simple for the Cubs patches - just 2 City/Logo patch variations and 2 Cap/Team Name patches.

The Cubs City/Logo patch can be found with a light blue circle around the logo with a brighter shade of red and smaller letting for "UBS" as seen on the left vs. a darker blue circle, a darker shade of red, and larger letting for "UBS" as seen on the right:

The Cap/Team Name also reflects the same color differences as seen below:

In both cases, the patches with the lighter shade of blue are the earlier version of the patches.


Thanks to Ray from Cardboardgold4u, who let me know that he found a Cubs Fleer Cloth Patch variation that I had not previously been aware of:

At first glance, there doesn't appear to be anything different about this patch.  To see the difference, you need to look at the "UBS" inside of the large "C".   The letters are further to the left and the S is completely inside the "C", whereas most patches with the darker blue background have the letters more to the right of the "C", as seen in the picture above.

This newly discovered patch shows that for at least one year Fleer changed the color from light blue to dark blue and kept the Cubs logo the same before transitioning to the logo with the letters inside the "C" moved slightly to the right.

Thanks again to Ray for this new discovery! 


Anonymous said...

I have found a Cubs variation not mentioned in your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have found a Cubs variation that has not been discussed in your blog. I also know of other variations. Please email me at

Ray Berg
ebay: cardboardgold4u

Ray Berg said...

I find it interesting that I found this variation 5 years to the day of you posting this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Mine does not have the fleer logo

Anonymous said...

the version I have does not have the fleer logo

Unknown said...

First, this blog has been amazing for my quest.
I know it's several years old and this has likely popped up before, but there is a third version of the round patch. It has the S in Cubs reaching only to just beyond the inside of the C.
You can email me at for a scan