Thursday, April 14, 2011

Custom Fleer Baseball Stickers from The Phillies Room

Earlier this month I came across a post that caught my eye and brought a big smile to my face - new custom Fleer Baseball stickers!

Jim, from the fantastic blog The Phillies Room, has created custom Fleer Baseball stickers to highlight his posts where he looks at each upcoming series between the Phillies and their next opponent:

Jim's work on customizing the stickers is incredible. I am really looking forward to completing my virtual collection of team stickers as the season goes on.

Even though Fleer is no longer with us, its great to see a "new" series utilizing a classic design. It almost feels like an "update set" to the original 1980 - 1982 sets that featured each team's cap:

Jim's custom work is not limited to stickers however. He does an even more amazing job with his custom cards:

Not only does he utilize classic Topps designs to create new cards that look like they must be from an update set from the particular set he is using for his design, he even customizes the backs in many cases:

He's got the back of this 1977 design down perfectly!

He even has checklists for his cards:

Even if you aren't a Phillies fan, I highly recommend checking out The Phillies Room to see many more examples of Jim's custom cards.

Jim - thanks for letting me share some great examples of your work, and for the excellent job you are doing with your custom cards and Fleer stickers.

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Jim said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Be sure to check back in for my Phillies-Brewers series preview. As you know, the Brewers franchise began its life a little further north . . .