Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wacky Packages Old School Series 2

The 2nd Series of Wacky Packages Old School is out now:

The set is based around package designs from the 1970's - hence the "Old School" name. Just like with the 1st series which was released last year, this set does a great job capturing the packaging from those times, and has come up with some great parodies. One of the things I like about the Old School set is seeing products that I remember as a kid, but have forgotten about until seeing the sticker.

The Old School series is a collector release (as opposed to a mass market release) with a limited production run of only 5,000 boxes. The stickers are only available through the Topps Online Store, and are not sold anywhere else. Here is the link if you are interested in purchasing a box which contains 24 packs:

Here is a look at the complete 33 sticker set:

Packs contain 3 stickers and a checklist card. The checklist is very similar to the checklist cards that came in the 1970s packs:

The checklists are on the back of the puzzle cards. As the Original Series always did, the puzzle features a Topps product:

In this case, the Topps product being spoofed is Big Tooth Gum:

In addition to the 24 packs, in each box there is a large envelope

which contains the following bonus items:

A Wacky Packages Old School sticker and an Old School Series 3 Promo sticker:

2 Artist Concept Cards (there are 2 cards in each envelope with 6 total in the full set):

3 Giant 5x7 Stickers (there are 3 in each envelope with 9 total in the full set)

and 1 Wacky Artist Sketch card:

The majority of the sketch cards are B&W, but there are a few color sketch cards as well:

And finally, there is also a Wacky Packages Old School binder which is available to purchase separately:

It appears there will also be an All New Series 8 set later this year, so we can look forward to more Wacky releases down the road.

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Kevin said...

How are these not out now, I could see my kids laughing at these if they were modern products.