Monday, January 16, 2012

IHOP NFL Mugs & Pitcher

After taking a look at the NFL mini helmets, NFL magnets, and NFL/MLB/NBA/ABA/NHL place mats that were available at The International House of Pancakes during the 1970's, I've got one last item to review that was also available at IHOP - NFL Mugs and Pitchers:

There was an orange mug which featured helmets of the AFC teams:

and a blue mug which featured the NFC teams:

The promotion was featured on IHOP placemats

as well as in print ads:

It appears this promotion ran in 1972 given the copyright date in the ad.

In addition to the mugs, there was a pitcher as well:

The pitcher features all of the AFC and NFC teams as well as the AFC, NFC and NFL logos:

That wraps up the look back at all the great collectibles that IHOP offered during the 1970s to get sports fans to go out for breakfast. Its too bad we don't see any of these types of promotions any more.

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Douglas said...

This promotion reminded me of the football stickers that were attached to Chitiua (forgive the spelling) bananas. I'd cover my lunchbox with them.