Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Football & Pizza - The 1991 Domino's Pizza Quarterback Challenge

In 1991, Domino's Pizza teamed up with Upper Deck to produce a 50 card set of current and past NFL quarterbacks in a set entitled "Quarterback Challenge":

The backs feature another picture as well as stats and career accomplishments:

The cards came in packs which included 4 cards:

According to Beckett, the promotion launched in August, 1991. Customers who ordered the Domino's Pizza NFL Kickoff Deal received 2 medium cheese pizzas, four cans of Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite, and one pack of cards for $9.99.

The first 31 cards feature then current NFL quarterbacks that were active in 1991:

Cards 32 - 46 featured retired quarterbacks:

and cards 47 - 49 were combo cards featuring 2 quarterbacks from the same team but different eras:

Card 50 was a checklist.

As Papa John's is the official NFL pizza sponsor this year, it would be great if they were doing a similar promotion this year. How much better would your Super Bowl pizza taste if the pizza delivery guy handed you a pack of cards along with your pizza!


Captain Canuck said...

I remember going to my shop and opening pack after pack of those. Well over a hundred packs. Never got the complete set. Collation was HORRIBLE.
Fast forward 20 years and .36 cents got me the last two I needed on Sportlots.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Where's Joe Montana?

Unknown said...

are the sets worth anything?

Unknown said...

I have many of these packs all unopened. Can someone give me a ballpark value?

Unknown said...

I have numerous packs all unopened. Can anyone give me a ballpark value?

Unknown said...

I have the complete set in mint condition