Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Football & Pizza - The 1986 Jeno's Pizza Rolls NFL Stickers

As we approach Super Sunday, I wanted to take a look at a set that combines the two elements that make the day so special - food and great football action! In 1986 Jeno's ran a promotion where they included NFL team action stickers inside their boxes of Pizza Rolls:

A number of the stickers feature great action shots from previous Super Bowls, such as Joe Namath leading the Jets over the Colts in Super Bowl III:

Thankfully Jeno's put their logo on the back of the sticker instead of the front so that we get a very nice clean uncluttered photo, that just happens to look exactly like the 1966 Philadelphia Football play cards:

Each team had 2 stickers, which means a full set consists of 56 stickers. Here is a look at the full set:

What I really like about the stickers is that the photos are not closely cropped shots just of a single player, but are a wider shot that allows more of the action surrounding the play to be seen, just like the Fleer Team Action cards of the 1970's & 1980's.

The backs have a writeup that describes the action on the sticker:

There was also an offer for "Terry Bradshaw's Action Play Book" on the box which was just a fancy title for "Sticker Album":

The album pages appear to include the same text that was on the back of the stickers, which was nice so that you didn't have to save the backing if you decided to put your stickers in the album:

Its too bad that with sports card licensing being so restricted nowadays that we don't see very many food sets like this any more. It really would be fun to open up a few boxes of pizza rolls this Sunday and get a few football stickers as a bonus.

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Lora's Loony Bin said...

I have what I believe is a set of Fleer NFL stickers featuring Super Bowls 1 through 20- a 1985 offer through Crisp 'N Tasty pizza from Jeno's. I need information about them, because I want to sell them.