Saturday, February 18, 2012

How a box of Post Rice Krinkles answered my questions about the 1963 Post Cereal Baseball Pennants

When I first reviewed these early 1960's mini baseball pennants

I wasn't sure whether or not they had been issued by Post Cereal. Nowhere on the front or back

is there any indication that this was a Post Cereal promotion. I had not been able to find a Post cereal box that contained any information about the pennants to confirm that these were offered by Post until Greg sent me some pictures showing a Post Rice Krinkles box with the pennant offer on the front:

and a picture of the RedSox pennant and information about the pennants on the back:

The box indicates there are 19 team pennants, which confirms that there was no pennant made for the Houston Colt .45s. In fact the box even says "Except Houston" right under the information about the stickers and just above Tom Cheney's card. For some reason, it looks like the National League pennant was issued in its place (which brings the set to 20 pennants). That would explain why there appears to be no corresponding AL pennant.

The Post Cereal cards have stats from the 1962 season, so this confirms that this would have been a 1963 release.

I'd like to say thanks to Greg for this fantastic find! This box answers all of the questions I had not been able to previously answer.

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Jim from Downingtown said...

Just one of several marketing snafus involving the mid-1960s' "Houston National League Baseball Club".