Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Most Awesome Baseball Card Video Ever!

If you haven't seen the video Kung Fu Mom yet, you need to check it out.  It is hilarious, and the plot happens to revolve around this Rollie Fingers card:

Here is the clip, which is told by Sugarboy, who ate a lot of sugar and wants to tell us his story:

The story is about a bad-ass roller skating mom who likes to collect baseball cards.

One day when she is sorting cards based on "coolest looking guy"

she gets a note from a Bad Guy

 who stole her Rollie Fingers "rookie" card

and who is threatening to bend the card in half and rough up the corners so it will not be in mint condition

Kung Fu Mom sets out on a quest Coney Island to retrieve the card and encounters all kinds of trouble along the way

She finally tracks down the Bad Guy, and finds the card being held hostage.

She makes a move for the card

and uses it as a throwing star

to take out the Bad Guy

Rollie Fingers then appears

and they fall in love and have a baby named Sugarboy:

Obviously, the card shown in the video is not Rollie Fingers' rookie card as his rookie card is from 1969

but he doesn't have a mustache on his rookie card, so it really wouldn't work with the theme of the "twirly" mustache.

It looks like they took some creative license as the card isn't even his 1975 card which has a picture of him pitching:

Instead, they used this picture which gives a much better look at his mustache.

One other thing card collectors will notice is that while the video says the story takes place in 1977, the cards that she is sorting are from the 1980's.  

This video was produced by Above Average Productions, which features comedy shorts from writers from SNL, 30 Rock, and The Lonely Island. I'm definitely looking forward to more stories from Sugarboy!

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