Monday, June 15, 2015

Avon NBA Decanters

As I mentioned in my last post about the Avon NFL Decanters, Avon also produced a set NBA Decanters.  Here is a look at the set of all 22 teams that were in the league at the time (1976 - 1977):


Just as with the NFL Decanters, the NBA Decanters contained Wild Country After Shave:

The box has information about the history of the NBA and instructions for applying the embossed team label

As with the NFL Decanters, the team emblem was packaged separately in an envelope with the team logo on the front as seen in this example: 

The embossed metal team logos make a nice collectible by themselves.  Here is a near set of all the labels:

Based on scanning ebay for pictures of the different teams, it looks like you can still find these Decanters without too much difficulty as I was able to find auctions for just about every team.

Unfortunately Avon did not produce an MLB set.  I would have enjoyed trying to collect a set of the MLB embossed labels.

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Unknown said...

i just cleaned out my dads estate and found an entire set of these nfl decanter labels. never out of their black sleeves. very cool will be happy to send pictures.