Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1974 Fleer Football Big Signs

Fleer's second Football Big Signs set is typically referred to as the 1974 set, although there are no dates on the Signs to confirm the year they were issued.

The second set is not nearly as colorful as the initial set, as the signs have a white background and feature either the team helmet

or the team logo

on the card with a generic player in the team's uniform. Once again the size is 8 x 11.5 inches (slightly taller than a 1 pocket sheet) and the backs are blank. There are 26 signs in the set.

Here is a sample of some of the team signs:

Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore Colts

Cincinnati Bengals

Dallas Cowboys

Houston Oilers

Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins

New Orleans Saints

New York Giants

New York Jets

San Diego Chargers

San Francisco 49ers

St. Louis Cardinals

Washington Redskins

And finally, here is a picture of 25 of the 26 teams (the picture is missing the Vikings):


Anonymous said...

Wow- I totally had a half dozen of these as a kid, and finding them years later had no idea where they originated. I love this blog! Thanks!

Fleerfan said...

I'm glad to hear from someone who remembers these as a kid. Thanks for your compliments on the site.

dolfan2008 said...

I just purchased the 1973 Miami Dolphins big sign and it is truly a walk down memory lane, I had it as a child. This is a prime example of a low cost collectible, that even though it is not high end; it makes one's collection just a bit shinier. Thanks and Go Fins!

Anonymous said...

I remember some Fleer sticker inserts with the packs in the early eighties but never knew about the other sticker sets and it puts me to shame as I am a Saints fan and need to hunt some things down now. Thanks for a cool blog.

Anonymous said...

I was cleaning the basement and found a box full of these.
Any idea what they are worth? thanks