Monday, April 13, 2009

1987 Fleer Baseball Stickers

Fleer came up with new designs for the 1987 Baseball stickers that were once again included as inserts in all of Fleer's various 1987 products:

The stickers featured team logos, but this time the team logo was placed over a baseball on a trophy stand:

The other design in the set is a "2 on 1" sticker with 2 team logos sharing the sticker, along with 4 red and white strips with the team names:

The backs of the stickers featured team logos as well:

As mentioned, the stickers were inserts in 1987 wax packs:

1987 saw the debut of the Fleer Glossy parallel set which came in a special tin, and included 66 stickers:

Of course, the stickers were also included in the 1987 update set

as well as the Glossy Update in the special tin:

The stickers were also inserts in the annual Star Stickers set:

And don't forget those ever popular boxed sets which were getting out of hand by this point (1987 saw 9 different sets!):

If you couldn't find any Fleer stickers in 1987, you just weren't trying!


Scott said...

I always wondered about the Expo's logo. Is it the letter M ? Is it the letters elb ? Does anyone know for sure?

Fleerfan said...

My understanding is that it is the letter "M" for Montreal, but done in such a way that there is a red "e" and a blue "b" inside the "M" which creates "eMb", which stands for Expos de Montréal Baseball.

Definitely one of the more clever insignias, similar to the Milwaukee Brewers using an "m" and a "b" together to create a logo that looks like a glove formed by the teams initials.

dinged corners said...

The trophy logos are fantastic.

Adrian said...

I own a 1987 fleer sticker card, which one side has the Giants sticker, but the reverse side says Cincinnati reds.....

any idea on value or rarity of this occurance?

Unknown said...

I've got a Brewers sticker with Indians on the back