Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Custom Fleer Baseball Sticker From The Phillies Room - Flashback Edition

In case you didn't see Jim's post on The Phillies Room previewing the Brewers v. Phillies series, I have only one word to describe this custom Fleer sticker:


In discussing my appreciation for the great work he is doing with his custom Fleer stickers that he has created to go along with his previews for each Phillies series this season, I asked if he would entertain any special requests, and indicated that I would really enjoy seeing a Seattle Pilots sticker.

Jim really delivered on my request with a great job on this classic cap, complete with the "scrambled eggs" on the brim.

Thanks for the great Pilots sticker Jim!

To see more of Jim's custom work, please visit his fantastic blog The Phillies Room.


Jim said...

I'm glad you like it!

1969PilotsFan said...

I agree. This custom sticker is very cool! I'll definately check out your site!