Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1987 Topps Football Box Bottom Cards / Panels

After putting team cards on the back of their Football boxes in 1986, Topps returned to putting player cards on the bottom of their 1987 Football wax boxes (as they had done in 1985):

Whereas the 1987 Topps Football cards have a white border, the box bottom cards have a yellow border to easily differentiate them from the regular cards.

Once again, Topps issued 4 different boxes for a total of 16 different cards numbered A - P as seen on the back of this panel:

Unfortunately I have only been able to locate 2 of the 4 panels, but you can see the complete list of players / panels on the checklist on the back of the box:

To wrap up this look at the 1987 Topps Football box bottom cards, here is a look at the top of the box featuring Phil Simms:

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I have the 4th set