Friday, April 16, 2010

Busting 41 Year Old Wax ! - Opening a Pack of 1969 Fleer Pennants & Stamps

I recently picked up an unopened pack of 1969 Fleer Pennants & Stamps:

Based on the article we recently reviewed from The Troy Files from the July 1969 issue of Ballcard Collector :

this pack should contain "a sheet of stickers (3 x 9 1/2") perforated with about 10 diff. team emblems on it...Also in each pack is a card measuring 2 1/4 x 4" with a baseball team quiz and a team emblem (in color)".

Thanks to Fleer collector and expert Barry I was able to acquire a pack which I decided would be much more fun to open than keep unopened (and always wonder what was to found inside).

Here is what I found when I opened the pack:

The gum had not stayed in one piece for all of its 41 years, as a few pieces were stuck to the inside of the wrapper

while most of the rest of the gum was stuck to the stamp sheet:

Since the sheet has a glue backing for the stamps, its not surprising that most of the gum ended up being stuck to the stamp sheet.

Unfolding the sheet, I discovered I had gotten a Pirates pennant, along with a number of other team logos, including the classic Astros logo and an Orioles cap (click on the picture for a larger image):

With a little work, I was able to get the gum off the back of the sheet, and fortunately the sheet didn't suffer too much paper damage:

There was a quiz card in the pack, which confirms that the 1969 quiz cards had 3 questions, and had the smaller logo (relative to the 1971 cards which also have 3 cards, but have a logo that extends all the way out to the edges of the border):

I'm very pleased with this pack as I'd gotten a sheet that I had not seen a picture of before, got a Twins quiz card that was an upgrade from the miscut one that I had in my collection, and also got a nice clean copy of the wrapper:

Thanks for the pack Barry!


doublenoughtspy said...

I'm glad the poster had an Orioles cap. The kid on the front of the wrapper looks like a doofus.

Anonymous said...

I have 4 1969 Fleer Baseball Pennants stamps!(Full panels) I am going to list one on ebay! Wish me luck