Friday, April 30, 2010

Now Upper Deck, the Washington Nationals, and the Oakland A's Are Stopping By

It looks like my previous post on The Fleer Sticker Project getting a hit from The Office of The Commissioner of Baseball attracted some high profile readers today:

Someone from Upper Deck checked in (via bdj610scblogroll) to see what was up with The Commissioner:

as did somebody with the Washington Nationals (who also enjoy reading the great Sportscardsuncensored):

As a bonus, someone from the Oakland A's also stopped by to check out their Fleer cloth patches!

Two baseball teams and a card company reading the blog today. Not too shabby!


Wrigley Wax said...

What software do you use that gives you that information? The site tracker I use isn't nearly as specific and I'm interested in changing.

Jim from Downingtown said...

The Oakland A's AND the Commissioner's office working together? The last time that happened, Vida Blue and Joe Rudi had to cancel their travel plans!

Spiff said...

I'm with Wrigley, what are you using to track that information?

--David said...

That is awesome! Congrats! And, yeah, just what ARE you using to get those stats??

Fleerfan said...

To answer the question about which software I use to track visits to my site, I use

I use the free version which keeps information on the most recent 500 page views of your site.

The hit counter keeps track of all hits to your site, so you can see the total number over time, but you can only look at the details of the most recent 500 visits.

If you want to retain the detailed information on more than the most recent 500 views, then there is a fee.

To see the view that I have been posting, you select the option visitor path which shows the user's network and IP address, and shows the pages they looked at while on your site.

Kevin said...

Actually, on the surface this seems cool...but how long until Bud figures out, HEY, if we can shut down all these bloggers and put up some bland blog about baseball cards directly from major league baseball, we could make a few extra thousand dollars.

Imagine it now, a baseball card blog from major league baseball where people can discuss the latest products put out with cut up uniforms and bats in them. It would be great advertising for them and awful for collectors as I love how much useful information I have come across in the past couple of months discovering new blogs.

Just sounds like a Bud Selig thing to do.